Contract Detective

Contract Detective is a free artificial intelligence tool which looks for several, specific construction contract provisions and explains their significance under Florida law only. 



Have trouble figuring out when your Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Payment Bond/Notice of Nonpayment is due?

Use our Calc-U-Lien app to help calculate Florida state Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Notice of Nonpayment (payment bond claim) dates.



Get your very own Lien-O-Matic, the Florida Construction Law Calculator. The Lien-O-Matic helps you understand what and when to file, depending on your role and type of construction project.
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Make Me Conditional Stamp

Unconditional releases suck! Make any release conditioned on payment with this one stamp. Let’s say you have a partial or final release that someone has given to you, and it’s not conditional (or you may not be certain it is conditional).  With this free stamp, you can make any release conditional upon payment.


TLZ Mobile App

Navigating through the intricacies of construction law and contract management in Florida has never been easier. With TheLienZone App, we’ve combined four powerful features into one comprehensive tool that simplifies deadlines, clarifies obligations, offers expert contract analysis, and provides the latest legal updates through our podcast series. 

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TheLienZone Podcast

TheLienZone Podcast Hosted by Alex Barthet covers a wide variety of Florida construction law topics.  Always good humored and on the go, Alex is the answer man for clients and employees alike on all sorts of technical and legal questions. Alex Barthet is a mechanical engineer by education and Board Certified in Construction Law.


Free Forms

Free forms for construction projects like notice to owner, change order form, and other documents are available in our online library. You can view them by clicking on the link below.

You may also download a free copy of this form from our website.

These are example forms that we have created for your use. It is not intended as a legal document and should not be used without consulting with a licensed attorney.

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The Construction Subcontract:

23 Provisions That Matter

Level the playing field before you start that next project. Make sure you have the right contract in place to protect your interests.

Learn what you should and shouldn’t agree to, whether you’re the contractor or subcontractor

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How to Navigate Florida’s Lien Law

When it comes to construction liens, don’t find yourself in deep water without a life line. Knowing the ins and outs of this complex area of the law can allow you to swim ahead of the pack, securing your work and obtaining payments due.