The Next Step

Today’s complex legal system requires you to look for a specialist when you need any sort of legal help. Gone are the days when your neighborhood general practitioner had all the answers to your legal questions. Construction law is one of those specialty areas, and you wouldn’t want to be trying to make your way through the many deadlines and notice requirements in Florida’s Construction Lien Statute without having a construction expert by your side.

We Get It

That’s why we have Certified Construction Law Experts on board – lawyers who have not only attained the select distinction of being certified ( a designation held by only 3% of Florida’s lawyers ) but lawyers who are practical problem solvers with years and years of real-world experience assisting owners and contractors alike.

Sink or Swim

When it comes to construction contracts, liens, and disputes, don’t find yourself in deep water without a lifeline – a lifeline to someone who actually knows the law. Your rights and obligations can be quite specific, and all are time sensitive. Miss a deadline, fail to send the right form in the right way or ignore a request, and you could literally sink your entire claim. We can help. Plenty of answers are already available on this site. But if you need to swim ahead of your opposition or your competition – if you need to enforce your lien rights – if you have to defend yourself – or if you just need help getting paid, then call us (305.347.5295 ).

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