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After a developer and a contractor had completed construction of a condominium building, they were asked back by the association to perform some warranty repairs to the exterior cladding. The building was experiencing water intrusion through the stucco exterior. ...

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Getting Paid

3 Ways to Stay Smart about Credit

Operate a construction business and you will inevitably end up wearing several hats: handyman, salesperson, estimator, bookkeeper and project manager. With so many responsibilities, it's easy to overlook things, but the one thing you don’t want to ignore is...

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(post) 3 Ways to Stay Smart about Credit
Waivers & Releases

Lien Releases: Risky Business

In the classic 1976 suspense film, Marathon Man, the villain repeatedly asks a young Dustin Hoffman, is it safe – is it safe? Hoffman didn’t know the answer and as a result suffered some significant unpleasantness. Contractors and material supply houses might ask...

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(post) Lien Releases: Risky Business