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How Do You Lien a Job With Multiple Direct Contracts?

We’ve often written about it – how do you lien a job with multiple direct contracts? Do you file a blanket lien incorporating all the improvements arising out of these several contracts? After all, they’re all related to the same...

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Non-Competes in the Construction Industry

In a recent case, a construction company holding a signed non-compete sued its ex-employee as well as the company the   ex-employee went   to   work   for.   It argued that the non-compete agreement was supported by legitimate business interests and was valid...

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Lien Releases: Risky Business

In the classic 1976 suspense film, Marathon Man, the villain repeatedly asks a young Dustin Hoffman, is it safe – is it safe? Hoffman didn’t know the answer and as a result suffered some significant unpleasantness. Contractors and material supply...

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