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Greatest Protection Under Lien Law

Sometimes those performing work on a job site don’t easily fall into the category of a subcontractor or supplier. Laborer A laborer, generally defined as any person other than an architect, landscape architect, engineer, surveyor or mapper, is someone who, under a properly authorized contract, personally provides services or performs labor on the site of the improvement which benefit the real property. And that laborer is generally extended the greatest protection under Florida lien law while having to comply with the least amount of statutory prerequisites to enforce a lien. As an example, a laborer need not serve a notice to owner ... Read more

What No One Tells You About Specially Fabricated Materials

(This article first appeared on Lowe’s popular Lowe’s for Pros blog.) As today’s construction projects become more and more complicated, so do the corresponding materials needed for each job. And more often than not, suppliers are being asked to custom order these materials – many times specially fabricating the items. Is it really special? So what distinguishes a stock item from a custom one? Generally it is the fact that the custom item can’t be easily used anywhere but on the job for which it was ordered. Specially manufactured goods are not readily available in the marketplace and are made ... Read more

Change Orders and Extras: Get Them in Writing

It is rare that a construction contract remains unchanged from start to finish. Change orders and extras are often implemented after work starts. Change or Extra First of all, be aware that there is a legal distinction between a change and an extra.  A change is a modification to an item that is already contemplated under the contract.  An extra, on the other hand, is material or work in addition to that which was addressed under the original contract.  Before entering into a construction contract figure out if the contract addresses either or both and if so, whether they are treated the ... Read more