Renting Your License: A No Go 

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Other

It happens more often than you might suspect. A friend asks if you can pull a permit for him. He even offers to pay you. Why not, you think. You know the fellow, and the work, he tells you, is an easy in and out.  No big deal, right? Well, think again; you may be violating the law. 

In Florida, there is a law on the books making it clear that contractors renting out their license can be prosecuted. The Construction Industry Licensing Board also does not look kindly on this behavior. Pulling a permit for construction work to be performed by others is a misdemeanor. Do it twice and you’re looking at a felony. Nothing to sneeze at.  

Understand this arrangement is not to be confused with qualifying a company with your licenseThat’s okay. You can become a qualifying agent if you follow certain rules, especially those involving the supervision of the work you’re qualifying.  

Maybe it’s not being able to obtain a passing grade on the licensing test; maybe it’s because the applicant can’t overcome a background issue which calls into question the good moral character requirement. Whatever the reason, plenty of folks just figure they can lean on their friends with a license, relying on another contractor’s good graces to help outimagining as Diane Warwick explained in song, “That’s What Friends are for”. 

Some recent amendments in Florida under the Occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act did eliminate certain obstacles to licensing. If you’re already licensed in another state for 10 years or more, you can obtain a Florida license by endorsement. As well, if all you’re doing is work with a total value under $2500, you get a pass. 

But that said, it’s simply not a good idea to rely on a friend to pull a permit. Don’t do it.  

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