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Is Your Lien Fraudulent?

Liens are useful tools in assisting contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to get paid what they’re owed. A lien represents an amount of money which remains due for work performed to improve real property. And when prepared properly, and filed timely...

filing a fraudulent lien

Client Experiences

Michaelangelo Dooley
November 13, 2020.
Alex is fantastic and does what he can to help his clients. Would recommend to others.
Raphael Marchi
September 17, 2020.
Alex has always been helpful and has the knowledge in the field, 5 stars, thank u alex.
George Rembos
September 2, 2020.
Alex and his team are the best construction lawyers in the area. The Barthet Firm has helped me with numerous contracts. They review every detail and help advise accordingly. If you have any legal needs in the construction industry, the Barthet Firm has your back. A true team of professionals!
Michael Mazzucca
July 16, 2020.
I appreciate Alex taking time to reach out to me after business hours to return my call. He is a down to earth, straight shooter providing valuable advice and direction. The reason why I would highly recommend this firm is simple. Even though my circumstance was too small of a legal issue for his firm to handle, he still spent over 30 minutes understanding my matter, and then providing direction and just good sound advice. He could have easily advised that he couldn't help and went back to his own family time. But he didn't, he reflected real care and concern and gave comfort to me knowing I was approaching my problem the best way. Thank you and I wish you and your firm the best. I will always recommend you to my associates when legal matters arise.
Jonathan Bolden
June 23, 2020.
My business partner and I are very grateful for this firm. By far the most helpful and practical advice that we received in our time of need. Barthet Law Firm is a must for any Contractors speed dial.
Ana Maria Bagnuoli
May 17, 2020.
Their service is outstanding. We have known them for more than 5 years and their advise has been crucial to our success in the construction field. They are professional, responsive, and mots of all knowledgeable of their field. In addition hey are proactive in educating the construction community through their free luncheons and webinars that help people avoid mistakes and time. Highly recommended if you are looking to grow in the construction field.
Brent Huffman
February 18, 2020.
Alex and Patrick Barthet run a firm of top notch Construction Lawyers. I have worked with them for many years including speaking at their Lunch & Learn series know as the Miami Construction Forum. I recently contributed to Alex's Podcast "The Lien Zone" where we talked about Construction Safety. Whether you are filing a lien, noticing a bond, or signing a release so that you can get paid, I suggest that you hire The Barthet Firm prior getting started.
Francisco Rodriguez
January 30, 2020.
You only need a Construction Law Firm if you are in construction business, so i did looked for a Law Firm to help us to protect us (IES OF DADE). Barthet Construction Law Firm, you EXCEEDED our expectations and not only prepare us to be protected but also coach our team on being proactive in the process. A+ Looking forward on being partners for many years.
Drone Permission
January 30, 2020.
Alex and the Barthet Firm are thorough and articulate. I have known Alex for about 6 years now and he is the expert the construction industry turns to. They are responsive with top notch communication skills. Save yourself time and make Alex your first choice.