The Construction Subcontract:

23 Provisions That Matter

Level the playing field before you start that next project. Make sure you have the right contract in place to protect your interests.

Learn what you should and shouldn’t agree to, whether you’re the contractor or subcontractor, when it comes to:

  • Scope of work

  • Price

  • Payment

  • Time

  • Change orders

  • Liens

  • Shop drawings

  • Claims

  • Indemnification

  • Safety

  • Warranties

  • Termination


Written by Alexander Barthet, a Board Certified Construction Law Expert, this ebook is available at no charge.

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Sink or Swim:


When it comes to construction liens, don’t find yourself in deep water without a life line. Knowing the ins and outs of this complex area of the law can allow you to swim ahead of the pack, securing your work and obtaining payments due.

Find the answers to these common questions:The Lien Zone Sink or Swim How to Navigate Florida's Lien Law Ebook

  • Are all improvements lienable?
  • Can you amend your Claim of Lien?
  • Do you have to provide a Final Contractor’s Affidavit?
  • How do you lien a landlord for tenant work?
  • Can a lien be extinguished?
  • Do you always need to send a Notice to Owner?

Written by Alexander Barthet ([email protected]), a Board Certified Construction Law Expert. Order this informative eBook now. It’s free.

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