Contract Detective

Contract Detective is a free artificial intelligence tool which looks for several, specific construction contract provisions and explains their significance under Florida law only. 


How To Scan Your Contract

Step 1

Upload your contract

To scan your construction contract for dangerous terms like pay-when-paid, hidden conditions, consequntial and liquidated damanges, upload your contract to the ContractDetective. Our proprietry AI technology will scan your contract for these clauses that may cause issues in the future if you are unaware of what you are agreeing to. Simply enter your email address, read and agree to the terms to get started.


Step 2

Contract details

We need to let the ContractDetective know who the parties are in relation to the construction contract. So, you will need to fill out a few details before the contract can be scanned.

Step 3

The results are in!

Once the ContractDetective is finished analyzing your construction contract, you will recive an email with the results and an explination of each term the AI flagged for further review, with the help of an attorney.



Step 4

ContractDetective videos

Each term in your construction contract flagged by the ContractDetective will include a link within the results email. The link will take your to our term definition page with video explination of the specific clause you should review with your attorney.