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Download The Calc-U-Lien

Calc-u-Lien: The Notice to Owner and Lien Date Calculator Calc-u-Lien: The Notice to Owner and Lien Date Calculator Tired of Missing NTO Deadlines? Have trouble figuring out when your Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Payment Bond/Notice of Nonpayment is due? Use our Calc-U-Lien app to help calculate Florida state Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien or Notice of Nonpayment (payment bond claim) dates.

Are Survey Plans Entitled to Copyright Protection?

Have you ever wondered if a surveyor’s drawings are entitled to the same sort of protections afforded to an architect’s blueprints? You might think so but it turns out, it depends. The leading case on this issue comes out of New York. A surveyor prepared a site plan in connection with the construction of a new building. The plan consisted of a depiction of the grade and contours of the land, a proposed location for the building, and the proposed location of utilities. Sometime during construction of the project, the original surveyor was terminated and an amended survey plan was ... Read more

The Virgule in the Middle

That’s not a misspelling in the title. That’s an actual word. It stands for the punctuation mark or slash often placed between two words such as “pass/fail” or “yes/no”. You might ask, who cares – what does this have to do with me or my business? Well, you would be very surprised. Such a punctuation mark has actually found its way on checks, and courts have had to interpret whether the mark means “and” or “or”. Big difference whether a check is payable to ABC and XYZ or to ABC or XYZ. And courts have determined that the use of ... Read more