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Can a Replaced Engineer Still Be Liable?

An engineer drew up and sealed a set of plans for a county road. The drawings and specifications provided for speed limits, warning signs, and pavement markings. At some point, the county decided to incorporate several changes to the design but did so without any input from the engineer. Instead, the county used its in-house engineering department and had them sign and seal the modified plans. When a fatal accident occurred on the road, the decedent’s estate sued both the county and the engineering firm. The engineering firm suggested it couldn’t be held liable since it had been replaced and its plans ... Read more

Safety is Job One

Construction is a dangerous profession which prescribed safety plans attempt to mitigate. However, the actual or perceived delegation of safety obligations done incorrectly can create liability. It is therefore especially important to clarify who is to manage and monitor safety issues on any project. While such a delegation may not eliminate liability if an accident were to occur, it may limit one’s exposure by shifting some portion of the responsibility. Here’s what a general contractor is likely to add in any subcontract to protect itself “Subcontractor has the sole responsibility for maintaining the safety and loss prevention programs covering all ... Read more