Learn More About Construction Claims of Lien in Florida & How They Work

You might have to file a construction claim of lien, but would you know what to do now?

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First Step is a Notice of Commencement

A Notice of Commencement for improvements greater than $2,500 to real property must be signed by the owner and recorded with the Clerk of Courts. Then a certified copy of the recorded notice must be posted at the actual construction...

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Why You Never Combine Claims of Lien

Claims of lien are often a contractor’s last resort. But sometimes filed at the last minute, when all other attempts at obtaining payment have failed, some of these liens may be defective and not enforceable. Defective Liens While some errors are...

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Winner in Lien Enforcement but Loser on Legal Fees

Florida’s construction lien statute says the prevailing party in any action to enforce a lien is entitled to recover a reasonable fee for the services of his or her attorney. So what happens if a lien dispute between a contractor...

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