Don’t Lien for Non Lienable Services

Patrick BarthetLiens

A general contractor entered into a contract to remodel a house. He hired a number of subcontractors to complete the contracted work. The interior designer wasn’t one of them; she … Read More

Can You Lien a Leased Property?

Alex BarthetLiens

There’s a popular misconception that doing work on a leased property for a tenant means you can’t protect yourself when it comes to getting paid. Not true! But doing work … Read More

How Do I Lien for Tenant Improvements?

Alex BarthetLiens

When doing work for a tenant, what rights do you have regarding placing a lien on tenant improvements?  Not many, especially if the landlord/owner has incorporated lien prohibitions within the … Read More

How Can You Remove a Claim of Lien

Alex BarthetLiens

Owners are always eager to cancel any recorded liens. What a lot of contractors don’t know is that there are actually legal ways in which a lien can be extinguished. … Read More