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Are You Using Daily Job Reports?

In a court of law, a contractor’s daily reports are critical. In many instances, they are considered key evidence showing what actually occurred at specific times on the job. And since people’s memories fade, a court will likely rely heavily on what the daily reports say happened (especially when presented with a corroborating witness). The problem is that many contractors fail to create these reports. And those that do create them, do it only at the beginning of the project or sporadically throughout the progress of the job, generally only when they are reminded to do so. Daily reports (hence ... Read more

How to Collect on that Judgment

Last week we discussed what you need to do with your judgment to hopefully be the first in line to collect. This week we’ll discuss some of the tools available to you to locate actual dollars. Garnishments are inexpensive, quick and have the potential to pay off in a big way. If you have a $100,000 judgment and can identify a bank account that the judgment debtor possesses, you can submit a garnishment request to the court and to the bank, and any money in that bank account held by the judgment debtor should be set aside. Subject to certain ... Read more

What to do After Obtaining a Judgment

A judgment is a court order that gives the holder various rights. Most are money judgments which say that the judgment debtor owes you, the judgment creditor, a certain amount of money. Companies or people related to the judgment debtor are not automatically subject to that judgment. Obtaining a judgment is step one. Step two is turning that judgment into money. It’s up to you as the judgment creditor to have a judgment debtor pay you. Subject to further review of the court, all the work and money you spend in legal fees and costs after you obtain a judgment ... Read more