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What if you’re selected as a subcontractor on 2 different jobs with the same general contractor (GC) and the GC doesn’t pay you in full on your first job? You decide to delay starting the second job until the GC provides you some assurance that it can and will pay you on job 2. That would be a mistake because refusal to perform under these circumstances is a breach of contract. Knowledge is king in every undertaking and it is no different when it comes to Florida Lien Law. Keeping up to date with legislative changes, critical court decisions, and ... Read more

All for One, One for All: Who is Owner for Lien Purposes

The law allows contractors to place a lien on real property when they’re not paid for their work. So when a roofer, who had contracted with a condominium association to repair roofs on several common-managed buildings, wasn’t paid, he filed a lien against the association rather than the individual unit owners in each of the buildings. The issue here was whether the “owner” for mechanic’s liens purposes was each and every unit within the various buildings or just the association. Florida statutes make clear that labor performed or materials furnished to the common elements of a building, if authorized by ... Read more


Forget to obtain that license from the municipality or county where you are working, and be ready to face the music.