Do You Need Help Getting Paid for Construction Labor and Materials?

In this section, we go over all of your options when it comes to getting paid for your construction labor and materials.

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Why You Should Litigate Rather Than Arbitrate

Arbitration has been a popular dispute resolution option in the construction industry. It is, in fact, a standard provision within many construction contracts. Generally believed to be a simpler, faster and better option to resolve a difference of opinion, this...

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558 Notice Costs: Guess Who Doesn’t Have to Pay?

A recent decision by the Florida Supreme Court is being celebrated by contractors.  In what was a case of first impression not previously decided by a state court in Florida, the Supreme Court has determined that the notice and repair...

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How to Get Paid, Fast!

One of the many reasons parties hesitate to file a court action to recover money owed is the cost of litigation and the length of time it takes to obtain a judgment. The Florida Legislature recognized this problem and set...

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