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How Do You Lien a Job With Multiple Direct Contracts?

We’ve often written about it – how do you lien a job with multiple direct contracts? Do you file a blanket lien incorporating all the improvements arising out of these several contracts? After all, they’re all related to the same property. How many liens do you need? Here’s What You Have To Do You must file a separate lien for each direct contract. Take a shortcut and file only one lien to address various direct contracts on the same property and you could well lose your lien rights. We should know. We recently argued such a case on behalf of ... Read more

Collecting the undisputed portion of a construction claim

Most construction claims are made up of sums that are in dispute and sums that are not. And generally, the party holding the undisputed sum is holding it for no reason other than to exert leverage. Under Florida construction lien law this need not be tolerated and collecting the undisputed portion of a construction claim is possible. The Law Is On Your Side The law states that any person who receives a payment for constructing or altering a permanent improvement to real property must pay, in accordance with the contract terms, the undisputed contract obligation. The failure to pay the ... Read more

Can You Amend Your Claim of Lien?

A claim of lien may be recorded at any time during the progress of the work but never later than 90 days after last furnishing labor or materials. (Obtain your own Calc-u-Lien to be able to calculate these deadlines). A lien holder must also file separate claims of lien for work done under separate direct contracts between an owner and contractor. As an example, a contractor was required to file two claims of lien, one for construction work and then another for subsequent repair work, even though both the construction and repair work were done on the same structure. This ... Read more