Making it Legal

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Construction Litigation

More than midway into a project, two architects were terminated by a college for unsatisfactory performance. The college also alleged that since the architectural partnership had never obtained the requisite certificate of authorization, there was actually no valid contract in place.

When it Rains, it Pours

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You would think that words such as “leak” and “repair” are easily understood but that wasn’t the case for one particular roofer. He agreed to perform roof maintenance and repairs for a community in return for set monthly payments.

No Deal, Not Until Everyone Signs

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Florida courts have consistently held that a settlement agreement resulting from a mediation will not be enforced without the signatures of both the attorney and the client. The fact that an attorney may have signed on behalf of his client or in the presence of his client is not sufficient to overcome the legal requirement that such an agreement also have the client’s signature.

Working Without a Contract Can Be Dangerous – [ Trouble? ]

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While most everyone is aware that states have statutes which govern construction or mechanic’s liens, many do not realize the significance of the law of contracts on contractor claims. Making sure that a valid contract is in place before work is commenced can be as important to you as being awarded the actual job.