Is The Grass Really Greener? : Non-Compete Agreements

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These days, a lot of companies want their employees, especially those in key positions, to sign non-compete agreements. They want to be sure that if their employees leave, thinking things may be better somewhere else, they won’t be allowed to call on the company’s customers or take business over to a competitor.

Who’s at fault? Dealing with condominium construction defects after the developer leaves

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inspectors searching for construction defects

Far too often, feelings of elation and the excitement of purchasing a new condominium can sour when the buyer becomes aware of one or more construction defects. A dream unit can become a nightmare once flaws, both patent and latent, are encountered after the developer has turned over the project and left the site. Who is accountable for the necessary repairs?

Never Too Late: is the Signed Agreement Valid?

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You think you have an understanding. So you prepare and sign an agreement with all the key points, and send it to the other side for signature. You even add a provision, asking that the document be signed and returned by a particular date. What if it isn’t; do you still have a deal?