Learn More About Construction Contract Terms and Disputes in Florida

You might have a contract dispute or want to know what goes into one

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Can You Recover Your Legal Fees

The general rule in Florida is that a party in a civil action shall not be entitled to recover attorney’s fees unless the claim is one based on either a contract or statute which authorizes such a recovery. But there...

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Timing Is Everything in Construction

Most people enter into a construction contract with the understanding that performance will occur within a specific timeframe. When that doesn’t happen, everyone tends to look to the terms of the contract for recourse. And if they find specific language,...

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3 Different Exposures in Construction Contracts

Though often found together these three provisions have very different meanings. A “hold harmless” clause is the provision which, if drafted correctly, has the effect of releasing one from liability. Indemnification shifts liability from one party to another. A “duty...

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