Learn More About Payment and Performance Bonds in Florida & How They Work

payment and performance bonds, are often required on public jobs and large projects.

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Reading Between the Lines: Notice to your Bonding Company

After a masonry subcontractor abandoned his work, the general contractor decided to finish the job itself, while it brought an action against the surety which had issued a performance bond on the subcontractor’s behalf. After all, the masonry company had failed...

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Swapped! The Transfer of a Lien

A recorded lien tells the world that you have an interest in someone’s property. But that doesn’t stop the property owner from transferring the lien to some other form of security, such as a bond or cash.

Too Little, Too Late: Importance of Timely Notice

A sprinkler contractor submitted its final pay application through a sworn statement, noting that no additional work was required on the project and that one hundred percent of its work was completed.  Ninety four days later when it wasn’t paid,...

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