Learn More About Payment and Performance Bonds in Florida & How They Work

payment and performance bonds, are often required on public jobs and large projects.

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3 Simple Steps to Filing a Payment Bond Claim

A payment bond secures one’s right to be paid on a construction project. If a job is bonded, a claim exists against that payment bond. How do you know if a job is bonded? A copy of the bond should...

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Bond Protection Under the Miller Act – [ PART 2 ]2

What Notices Are Required Failing to correctly and timely serve the proper notice under the Miller Act may mean “game over” to a bond claimant’s action, even if its work was performed perfectly. For example, prior to filing a lawsuit...

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Bond Protection Under the Miller Act – [ PART 1 ]

What is The Miller Act The Federal Miller Act protects certain subcontractors, laborers and suppliers that provide labor or materials for the construction, alteration or repair of federal projects against the risk of nonpayment. Claimants that improve a federally owned...

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