Learn More About Payment and Performance Bonds in Florida & How They Work

payment and performance bonds, are often required on public jobs and large projects.

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Checklist for a 255.05 Bond

Contractors working on public projects should be familiar with the requirements of Florida Statute §255.05. Here is what a 255.05 bond needs to state on its face: While the following items are not required to be on the face page...

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3 Simple Steps to Filing a Payment Bond Claim

A payment bond secures one’s right to be paid on a construction project. If a job is bonded, a claim exists against that payment bond. How do you know if a job is bonded? A copy of the bond should...

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Bond Protection Under the Miller Act – [ PART 2 ]2

What Notices Are Required Failing to correctly and timely serve the proper notice under the Miller Act may mean “game over” to a bond claimant’s action, even if its work was performed perfectly. For example, prior to filing a lawsuit...

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