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Navigate the complexities of Florida’s construction law effortlessly with TheLienZone App. This all-in-one tool is designed to help contractors and related professionals in Florida make informed decisions about their contracts and legal obligations.

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Stay informed and on top of your legal responsibilities effortlessly.

TheLienZone App Features



Never miss a construction lien deadline again!



No more confusion about what to file and when.


Contract Detective

Check your contract for dangerous terms.



Keep up with the latest in Florida construction law.

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Deadline Management Made Easy


Never miss a deadline again with our Calc-u-Lien feature.  Our calculator will provide you with the precise due dates for your Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien, or Payment Bond Claim / Notice of Nonpayment.

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Streamlined Due Date Calculations

No more stress over deadlines. Calc-u-Lien simplifies your timeline tracking for Notice to Owner (NTO), Claim of Lien, or Payment Bond Claim / Notice of Nonpayment deadlines.

Clarity on Lien Obligations


No more confusion about what to file and when. Lien-o-Matic provides detailed information based on the type of project and your role, ensuring you fulfill all your responsibilities on time.

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Crystal-Clear Filing Guidance

Lien-o-Matic demystifies filing requirements. Get detailed information based on your project type and role. The tool covers private, public, Federal, and FDOT projects.

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Timely Responsibility Fulfillment

Ensure you meet all your legal responsibilities on time, reducing potential disputes and confusion.

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contract detective

Expert Contract Analysis

Contract Detective

Submit your contract documents to our A.I. tool. It will analyze your contracts and provide bespoke support to help you navigate your obligations effectively.

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Find the Hidden Landmines

Contract Detective lets you submit your documents for our A.I. to analyze, providing tailored information and videos explaining the findings.

Expert Assistance on Hand

Leverage our expertise. This tool will help you understand and identify various dangerous terms in your contract.

Stay Informed with Latest Legal Updates

The Lien Zone Podcast

Our Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Tune in to keep up with the latest in Florida construction law through our regularly updated podcasts.

Continuous Learning

Keep your legal knowledge sharp with our regularly updated podcasts. Stay on top of the latest in Florida construction law, liens, bonds, contracts and collections.

Fast & Intuitive

Information at your fingertips – no login or payment required. 

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Experience the Ease of Navigating Construction Law

Empower Construction with TheLienZone App

Navigating through the intricacies of construction law and contract management in Florida has never been easier with TheLienZone App.

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