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3 Different Exposures in Construction Contracts

Though often found together these three provisions have very different meanings. A “hold harmless” clause is the provision which, if drafted correctly, has the effect of releasing one from liability. Indemnification shifts liability from one party to another. A “duty...

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How to Post a No Trespassing Sign at a Construction Site

A Florida case, which reversed a conviction for trespass, illustrates well all the elements necessary to enforce a designated no trespassing area. Applicable statutes provide that it is a third-degree felony to trespass on a construction site which is legally...

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Is It True: My Lien Can Be Discharged in 20 Days?

Many Florida contractors do not know that a statute exists which, if properly exercised, could have their liens canceled. That’s right – canceled. Florida Statute §713.21(4) provides that a lien properly perfected under this chapter may be discharged by an order...

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