Construction Business Advertising… Are You Doing It Right?

Advertising is a part of every business; some would argue the most important part of any business. How else would the public know what services your company offers? But when it comes to the construction industry, advertising must be accomplished in a particular way. You see, there are rules to follow, specific rules or you could find yourself in a pickle. Most critical is the fact that your certification or registration number must appear on all forms of advertising: “The registration or certification number of each contractor shall appear in each offer of services, business proposal, bid, contract, or advertisement…” “If a vehicle bears the name of ... Read more

Fired Employee Receives Unemployment Benefits

A tractor repair shop fires one of its mechanics. They had given him several written warnings because he wasn’t doing his job properly, yet the employee continued to make serious mistakes. For example, he once forgot to reinsert the oil drain plug after changing some engine oil, resulting in a customer having to obtain a new engine. Another time, he broke off an electrical part while performing a simple repair. Upon being fired, the mechanic applied for unemployment benefits. No way, you say. He deserved to be let go and couldn’t possibly qualify for unemployment compensation. But you’d be wrong. ... Read more

Complaining Can Get You Sued

You may be surprised to learn that users complain on social media approximately 900 million times a year. Whether on Yelp, Facebook, or other social media platforms, folks aren’t shy about criticizing a service or product. Problem is that those complained about have begun to push back – hard. Contractor Complaint A couple, unhappy with flooring work performed at their home, posted a negative review on Yelp, calling the contractor’s work “deplorable.” The contractor sued for defamation, alleging he lost 167 projects and over $600,000 of revenue in the 8 month period after the negative review appeared. Having spent $65,000 ... Read more