Learn More About Construction Claims of Lien in Florida & How They Work

You might have to file a construction claim of lien, but would you know what to do now?

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Don’t Lien for Non Lienable Services

A general contractor entered into a contract to remodel a house. He hired a number of subcontractors to complete the contracted work. The interior designer wasn’t one of them; she had a direct contract with the owner but she performed...

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Is It True: My Lien Can Be Discharged in 20 Days?

Many Florida contractors do not know that a statute exists which, if properly exercised, could have their liens canceled. That’s right – canceled. Florida Statute §713.21(4) provides that a lien properly perfected under this chapter may be discharged by an order...

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Supplier’s Lien Not Always Enforceable

A supply house accepts an order from a general contractor for a number of closet doors. The supply house has the closet doors fabricated in line with the specifications provided by the general contractor. But when the doors are delivered...

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