Lien Law Seminar: “How To Get Paid on a Construction Project” [EVENT]

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On Thursday, March 27th, from 8a to 10a, Alex Barthet will explain how you can better your chances of getting paid on a construction project. You will be provided with an overview of Florida’s Construction Lien Law and those key contract provisions related to payment and limitation of liability. This is a lively and interactive seminar which places an emphasis on the …

Alexander BarthetLien Law Seminar: “How To Get Paid on a Construction Project” [EVENT]

Mechanics Lien Filings [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Florida is tops in many categories, including the number of construction liens filed. While few people seem to have ever researched the real numbers behind this statistic, the construction law experts at have dug deep and discovered some interesting numbers on mechanics lien filings, from the value of liens filed to how long contractors wait before filing their liens. Also surprising is …

Alexander BarthetMechanics Lien Filings [INFOGRAPHIC]

All for One, One for All: Who is Owner for Lien Purposes

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The law allows contractors to place a lien on real property when they’re not paid for their work. So when a roofer, who had contracted with a condominium association to repair roofs on several common-managed buildings, wasn’t paid, he filed a lien against the association rather than the individual unit owners in each of the buildings.

Alexander BarthetAll for One, One for All: Who is Owner for Lien Purposes

Lien On: Elements of a Lien

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Those involved in the construction industry know that there are specific requirements for the filing of a mechanic’s lien.  One involves time; another the amount.  Both were addressed in a recent case pitting a builder against the purchaser of one of his homes.  The buyer signed a contract for $246,700; however, when the base price increased, the builder whited out …

Alexander BarthetLien On: Elements of a Lien