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Warranty Suits: Select the Correct Defendant

Florida’s Condominium Act requires that contractors and suppliers provide a warranty of fitness and merchantability as to work provided and materials supplied for condominium developments. So when the roofing work done on a condo’s boat storage building failed, the association...

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Get Paid for Uncovering Defective Work

A case decided late last year has held that the cost to take apart and actually demolish work so as to effect a repair (better known as rip and tear) should be covered by applicable insurance. This is a departure...

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Chapter 558 Notices Now More Detailed

Chapter 558, Florida’s Construction Defect Statute, has been in place since 2003 and many contractors have received claim notices issued pursuant to this statute. While bothersome, it has provided homeowners, contractors, design professionals and others who participate in the construction process a...

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