Construction defects or mistakes in construction: when and how to fix

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Contractors who discover construction defects or mistakes in their work face two challenges: ignore them and risk liability, or fix the problems and risk destroying evidence – also known as “spoliation.” If litigation develops down the road, contractors that destroy evidence – even with the best of intentions – can wind up paying damages in court. Repairing faults in construction …

Alexander BarthetConstruction defects or mistakes in construction: when and how to fix

Settling With All the Right Parties

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A college hired a general contractor to renovate one of its residence halls. This included some bathrooms and shower stalls. After completion of the project, the school discovered a number of leaks caused by defective work in the bathrooms. The college sued the general contractor for breach of contract and the plumber for breach of its warranty, alleging improper installation …

Alexander BarthetSettling With All the Right Parties

Unlicensed Contracting: No License – No Contract

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Florida law requires that individuals who work as contractors obtain a state contractor’s license to perform most construction work. The law defines a contractor as anyone who builds, improves on, tears down, or subtracts from any building or structure for compensation. This covers actual construction, as well as structural alterations and plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning work.  Performing construction work …

Alexander BarthetUnlicensed Contracting: No License – No Contract

Not My Problem: Release of Liability Sticks

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We’ve all seen them – those clauses on proposals or work orders stating that a repairman won’t be responsible or liable for any damage caused by his repairs. The question is, are they enforceable? A recent case has determined they can be, if properly written.

Alexander BarthetNot My Problem: Release of Liability Sticks

Ready, set, go: Statutes of Limitations

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Statutes of limitations set out the time frame for bringing a lawsuit. File after the established time and you’ll be out of luck. It is therefore important to properly analyze the facts of your claim so you can select and calendar the correct time period within which to file. Sometimes, however, the applicable circumstances do not easily allow for such …

Alexander BarthetReady, set, go: Statutes of Limitations