Construction in Miami: Measuring Up [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Miami has never been a city to be taken for granted. From its ever growing skyline to many architectural firsts, Miami continues to shine at a time when many cities are struggling. The folks at have created an infographic highlighting some of these elements – Measuring Up in Miami.

Alexander BarthetConstruction in Miami: Measuring Up [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do You Have What it Takes to Build this Paper Dump Truck?

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bull dozer 1

All of you involved in construction surely believe you have the ability to make a simple paper toy, right? Well let’s see. Show us how well you can cut out and build the attached papercraft dump truck. Print each of the two pages on 30-35 pound paper stock, grab your x-acto knife and go to town. Snap a photo of …

Alexander BarthetDo You Have What it Takes to Build this Paper Dump Truck?

Construction defects or mistakes in construction: when and how to fix

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Contractors who discover construction defects or mistakes in their work face two challenges: ignore them and risk liability, or fix the problems and risk destroying evidence – also known as “spoliation.” If litigation develops down the road, contractors that destroy evidence – even with the best of intentions – can wind up paying damages in court. Repairing faults in construction …

Alexander BarthetConstruction defects or mistakes in construction: when and how to fix

Insurance – don’t start a job without it

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Insurance is a “what if” product that goes hand in hand with construction work. Whether you’re building a single family home or an office high rise, there are a lot of different players and plenty of moving parts, all of which don’t necessarily always fit together correctly. Insurance can provide protection from loss due to construction defects, accidents, and natural …

Alexander BarthetInsurance – don’t start a job without it

Settling With All the Right Parties

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A college hired a general contractor to renovate one of its residence halls. This included some bathrooms and shower stalls. After completion of the project, the school discovered a number of leaks caused by defective work in the bathrooms. The college sued the general contractor for breach of contract and the plumber for breach of its warranty, alleging improper installation …

Alexander BarthetSettling With All the Right Parties