Construction contract signatures: How many do you need?

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couple upset that they are financially broke

It’s not uncommon for a contractor performing work at the house of a married couple to have his construction contract signed by just the one spouse with whom he may be dealing. Often both husband and wife are not present when the contractor presents his proposal and contract. This proved to be a costly oversight for one contractor, who upon …

Alexander BarthetConstruction contract signatures: How many do you need?

Construction litigation: Determining the prevailing party

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Sometimes the legal fees and costs incurred in a case exceed the actual amounts being litigated. That is why the decision of who is the prevailing party in a case can become so very important. Florida’s Supreme Court addressed this issue in an interesting construction case where homeowners building a new house deducted the cost of repairs occasioned by a contractor’s admitted mistake.Apparently, a worker …

Alexander BarthetConstruction litigation: Determining the prevailing party

Termination: Never easy to say goodbye

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Generally, both contractors and owners allow some leeway in their negotiated construction contracts for unexpected delays or less than perfect work. However, there comes a point in every job where repeated delays or nonconforming work forces one to consider termination of the contract and consultation with a construction lawyer. You will quickly learn that you must first review your contract …

Alexander BarthetTermination: Never easy to say goodbye

Is your contractor a felon?

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Is Your Contractor a Felon Texture FLAT

Can a person convicted of a felony apply for and be granted a general contractor’s license? Admitting he had been convicted of certain drug-related crimes, including possession and intent to distribute, and stating that he had been sentenced to sixty months and was currently on supervised leave, an applicant submitted his paperwork to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation …

Alexander BarthetIs your contractor a felon?

Oops – was that 100 or 1,000 feet? Who made the mistake?

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Oops – was that 100 or 1000 feet Who made the mistake Edited Tiny Cyan

During the construction process, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made– you just hope yours isn’t so big that it bankrupts you. Mistakes are categorized as either unilateral or mutual.  That means just what it says. A unilateral mistake is one made by only one party while a mutual mistake is one that is shared by both parties. So …

Alexander BarthetOops – was that 100 or 1,000 feet? Who made the mistake?

Settling construction disputes

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Settling Construction Disputes with blog

There is no running away from the fact that we live in a highly litigious society, and there is no question that having to file a construction lawsuit to enforce your rights or being brought into a lawsuit to defend yourself is at best an expensive proposition and at worst a gut wrenching experience. Even if you are able to …

Alexander BarthetSettling construction disputes